Grade multiple choice tests
in seconds.

App screen example

Seriously, it's pretty awesome. Check this video out.


Built for saving time.
You point and click,
we crunch the numbers for you.

App screen example


How does it work?
SmartGrade is an app for Android and iOS devices. It uses your device’s camera as an answer sheet scanner. Pointing the camera to an answer sheet will instantly grade it and display the resulting score. Grading a whole classroom takes only a few seconds per student and you instantly get statistics about the grades.

How much does it cost?
The app costs US$0.99 per month. It is completely free to install and try before buying. The montly and yearly subscription can be bought via in-app purchase from inside the app.

What answer sheet should I use?
You can download the answer sheet here. Using any other answer sheet will not work.

What kind of data analysis does the app do?
SmartGrade automatically generates and displays statistics about the scores after the tests are scanned. It shows maximum, minimum, average grades and standard deviation. For each question in the exam, the percentage of students that answered correctly is shown, so it’s easy to find problematic questions to discuss with your students. The distribution of grades (histogram) is also there.

How can I get in touch?
For support requests & questions, please send an email to smartgrade@smartgrade.net. I would love to hear from you.